We can help you not only transform your CRICOS compliance management but also improve your business results

  • Do you feel like your sales & marketing staff do an ‘okay’ job with new student sales, but you would like to increase their sales and need help with improving systems?
  • Managing your intervention strategies, attendance & course progress monitoring is cumbersome, duplicated and you would like to optimise this into one system?
  • Are your student timetables & class allocation a weekly chore and you need a more efficient way to manage this?

Using our software as well as our virtual administration services provides you with ability to get all your departments using the one system – enhancing user experiences and focussing your efforts on the most productive activities.

We have decades of experience in maximising businesses process & workflow optimisation, we can help you:

  • Create and track Offer Letters and sales staff performance to quantify and manage your progress.
  • Direct online enrolments from your website or from agents into one system for quick turnarounds.
  • Centralise your communication logs for all departments.
  • Track and measure prospective students against actual students.
  • Send bulk emails or SMS for warning letters for attendance, overdue fees or course progress.
  • Track and monitor student intervention strategies easily.
  • Store Student Visa & CoE dates in the one system, view and report easily.
  • Track and manage your agents’ performance and their commission payments.
  • Manage OSHC provider invoices and payments.
  • Capture your AVETMISS student data requirements with confidence for National Submissions.
  • Integrate your Student surveys and Competency Completion counts in one automated system.


The RTO Software difference: insightful analysis + integration savvy

There are several RTO software vendors who can help with your student data for AVETMISS and Competency Completions. Our speciality is integration of departments and CRICOS compliance requirements management in one system and understanding a CRICOS college’s requirements and needs.

Experts with CRICOS Management

We work extensively with our CRICOS clients to fully understand their workflows, business and compliance requirements. We identify how they can improve their workflows and processes in both our software and the use of our Virtual Administration service. Where appropriate we improve the software’s functionality to update and extend compliance management.

How we work with clients

We either work with clients on a project or ongoing consultancy basis. Our consulting process is designed to not only understand compliance but business requirements and plan and implement effective strategies and optimised changes that get you from where you are now to where you want to be.