Done-For-You Administration

Retain good staff to do the ‘high level’ thinking and tasks…reduce your montly admin costs… and know your data is being managed to meet your compliance requirements.

Your delivery of training & assessment is doing well. Your completion rates are high. The vast majority of students are pleased with your performance. And some have even re-enrolled or referred their friends and family to you.

Now, if you only had reliable back office administration staff, that you could retain long term, to manage your student data for compliance requirements, you could feel confident to really take your business to the next level.

Done-for-you Virtual Administration (VA)

RTOs require administration staff with expertise and pre-requisite knowledge of the industry to successfully perform specific administration and office duties, especially when it comes to the data requirements for compliance. Our done-for-you virtual assistants’ service allows you to turn your back office administration into an efficient, reliable and consistent team of industry and compliance trained team.

Our virtual assistants’ service makes growing your business easier because it:

  • Frees up your Marketing department to focus on generating more leads and prospective clients.
  • Can enter all your academic results from your trainers, teachers and assessors allowing them to focus on delivering a quality service
  • Audio transcribe all trainer notes from student visits
  • Review and update all student data to meet compliance requirements
  • Monitor student invoices and send warning letters and emails for overdue notices
  • Monitor all student data for any issues that would have a negative flow on effect for compliance
  • Manage and create new content for your website, Facebook page, You Tube channel, Newsletters etc

How does the RTO Software Virtual Assistants service work?

UnderstandUnderstand you and your business administration requirements


analyseAnalyse your current work flows and processes


defineDefine a list of recommendations where work flows and processes can be improved


Re-engineerRe-engineer your work flows and processes to identify what data will be managed our VA’s


TestTest the new work flows and processes with your staff before the launch of your VA service


LaunchLaunch your Virtual Assistant service


review and monitorReview and monitor the new work flows, processes and data being managed by you


OptimiseOptimise , with your input, where tweaks and changes to the work flows and processes are required


TransparencyTransparency of time logs for you to see what your VA has done and how long it has taken

What can you expect when we work together?

One of our senior staff members will set up an appointment with you and go through your organisation’s workflow. We can easily identify key areas where you can outsource tasks and order them in terms of priority and maximum time / cost savings.

After this initial meeting the notes are then translated into a recommended list of improvements to your current work flows and processes. We also identify each individual work flow and process and at what point the VA’s service would be involved in the data entry and/or management for you. This helps to evaluate what type of staff will be required and what the workload will be.

This list is then further broken down into daily and weekly recurring tasks as well as once off project style tasks. We ensure that by giving them clear goals and tasks to complete there is clarity on the outcomes.

We then test the final work flows and processes with your nominated staff to confirm that they will work or we tweak again where needed. Once you sign off on the testing we then launch your VA service and we monitor, review and report any issues we find in the work flows or processes on a regular basis. We also provide you a login to our task management system where we provided you transparency on each task completed, how long it has taken and what was the outcome.