When you are trying to upload documents in TEAMS, does it work for you? Or do you get an error message saying “File should be in undefined format”?

If you do, this means that your Internet Explorer compatibility view settings are not turned on correctly for TEAMS.

Below are the steps to resolve this. Remember, once you have followed these steps, close any Internet Explorer browser you have TEAMS open in and go to TEAMS and sign again.

To enable the compatibility view of your internet explorer follow the below steps :-

1. Open an Internet Explorer Page and press ALT key from the keyboard. A new menu will appear on the top. Click on Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings.

2. The Compatibility View settings window will open. Add the two IP addresses *.softwaredreams.com.au and *.rtosoftware.com.au to the Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View section. Click Close button.

3. Now you can try to open TEAMS by using your site URL and you will be able to access TEAMS without any problem.

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